Cairns Tanning Salon

Sweet Words


I’ve been going to the lovely Donna at Honey for almost 10 years.  I have never had to go or look anywhere else.  After my first spray tan I knew this place was the best!  Such friendly and warm service, value for money and such a long lasting natural tan.  I am one who requests the deepest and darkest tans and each time they have still been so natural and the smell is actually really quite lovely.   You don’t even have to have it on for long which is even better!  Not to mention the girls in the wax rooms have always given me the best quality waxing!  Never a hair missed which is something that happens all too often elsewhere!   Absoloute perfection!   I recommend Donna to everyone I know X


Quick, no pain for my Brazilian after many months of razor, made me feel pampered and relaxed!  Good conversation during my Full Body Wax treatment and friendly staff!   Definitely recommended!


I have been a client here for around 2 years now and I have walked out relaxed and happy every time!   I am very picky with my eyebrows but the girls here always do a great job with my wax and tint.   I am usually out within 10 minutes.   They even offer to cover the redness with foundation if I’m not going straight home after my appointment.


I have been going to see Donna for over 10 years now for all Honey beauty services.   I’ll never go anywhere else not only for the perfect result each time but the lovely girls there have always made me feel so welcome and looked after.   Fast and easy to book appointments and the best service.   Highly recommended !


Donna and the beauticians and Honey Tan & Wax are always so welcoming and friendly.   Each visit I’m served in a professional way and made to feel comfortable during my treatments.  I’ve been a client for many years and every time I visit I always leave pleased with my treatments.   The beauticians are very experienced and it shows in their high quality work.   Highly recommend!